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The supplementation of a formulation containing the whole complex of B vitamins (B -Complex), is more appropriate as the use of high doses of individual B vitamins can cause deficiencies in some of the others.

The B vitamins often work together to offer several benefits to the organization : They support and increase the rate of metabolism.

Maintain healthy skin and offer muscle toning.

They stimulate both the immune and nervous system .

Conducive to growth of cells, including blood cells helping to prevent anemia .

All these contribute to addressing the symptoms and causes of stress , depression and cardiovascular disease .

According to international studies by the high dosage of vitamin B '' neutralize'' the blood of the amino acid homocysteine ​​, thus slowing from 30% to 50 % rate of shrinkage of the brain. The shrinkage of the brain can be caused naturally by the age or the development of diseases such as Alzheimer''s . According to a study at the University of Oxford , the required dose of vitamin B can in no way be taken through diet only supplements of vitamin B.

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