Now Lecithin Granules (Non-GMO), 1LB (454gr)

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Lecithin is a natural compound found in all cells of plants and animals. Plays an important role in almost all biological processes - including neurotransmission, respiration and energy production. The word lecithin is derived from the Greek Lekithos, which means "yolk." A name that fits this basic fact, after the egg is a symbol of life, strength and fertility. Lecithin is important in all these biological functions and many more.

Our brain is approximately 30% lecithin. The myelin sheath that protects the brain, spine and thousands of nerves in your body are almost two thirds Lecithin. Even the heart has a high concentration of lecithin. Lecithin is composed of many different ingredients, including choline, linoleic acid, phosphatidylserine, beneficial fatty acids and triglycerides. These valuable constituents of Lecithin are vital for the proper functioning of many metabolic processes.

The NOW Non-GMO Lecithin Granules (grain) comes from non-genetically modified soya beans are canned identity (IP). This guarantees that the soybeans are from seeds that have been certified as Non-GMO.


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