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The St. John''s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is a long-living plant with yellow flowers whose medicinal use was first noted in ancient Greece. It contains many chemical compounds. Some even considered the most active ingredients of this herb that make it so effective, including hypericin and hyperforin.

Preliminary studies indicate that St. John''s Wort might work to prevent the reabsorption of serotonin (a chemical messenger) from nerve cells in the brain or by reducing the levels of a protein involved in the functioning of the body''s immune system.

The St. John''s Wort has been used over the centuries for major mental health as a key therapy in conditions such as back pain, healing wounds, as a balm for burns, but also as a diuretic.

Today, used especially for facing anxiety, mild to moderate depression and sleep disorders. The Hypericin, an active pigment in St. Johns Wort, has been linked to its ability to help the brain in the production of serotonin. As a result of this is to provide the balance needed to maintain a positive mood naturally, and with far fewer side effects than prescription drugs.

The NOW FOODS adopting the DAC 90 HPLC method for better analysis of its products, presents NOW St. John''s Wort with 300mg of the extract of the herb containing 0,3% hypericin.

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