Nutricia Almiron Pepti 4500g

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Powdered milk for infants with allergy of Almiron series.

The Nutricia Almiron Pepti 400 participates in meeting the nutritional needs of infants  Children grow rapidly both physically and mentally. The nutritional needs are major requirements, so we need a milk that will cover and will satisfy.

Suitable food is the Nutricia Almiron Pepti 2 Allergy Care, which has been prepared for special medical purposes and given to infants who have been diagnosed with allergies to cow''s milk protein. Recommended to take to address dietary this allergy, but the intense colic due to protein hydrolyzate containing.

CAUTION! Breast milk is the best food for infants. Only in special cases may not use the ready milk and always after medical advice. The ready milk should be consumed within a period of one hour. If leftover amount of milk, not consumed. Place the product in a dry and cool, never in the refrigerator. After opening the package, the consumption of the product should be made within four weeks.

The package contains 400 grams of milk Nutricia Almiron Pepti

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