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O-pur is pure oxygen without additives. Increases oxygen in your blood.

Ideal for use when you feel shortness of breath, anxiety, lack of energy. It may also enhance endurance and ease recovery from mental and physical stress. After 10 eispnes the level of oxygen in your blood goes up to 30%. Opur This is pure oxygen in a compact portable container with a cup inhaler that releases oxygen one breath at a time. Used by celebrity professional athletes. Just a few puffs of pure oxygen can give you a natural rejuvenation that is much better than stimulants like caffeine.

Opur 8-liter bottle, 80 breaths

• Compact 3in x 12in canister / inhaler

• Contains 8 liters of pure oxygen

• Pure oxygen does not include meals, additives, preservatives or fragrance

• The container / inhaler weighs just 160 grams

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