Olvos Flamigel 50g

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To Flamigel® helps to shape favorable conditions healing wounds and burns, providing moisture balance in the wound, to accelerate the cell renewal process.
♦ Heals wounds and burns faster (up 40%)
♦ To Flamigel® moisturizing or moisture absorbing wound adjusting its action according to the type of wound or burn. Thanks to these unique composition (Invention internationally recognized), the Flamigel® heals quickly promoting normal healing process and reducing the likelihood of scarring.
♦ immediate relief from pain
♦ Thanks to the refreshing and soothing effect of hydrogel Flamigel® relieves the annoying symptoms of wound as pain, burning, redness, itching.
♦ Prevents contamination
♦ Thanks to the specific activity, the Flamigel® protects from contamination, creating on the surface of the wound an invisible film that leaves the wound breathe while protecting it from any invasion of microorganisms from the environment.
♦ Easy to apply to any type of wound
♦ To Flamigel® safely used in any type of wound as superficial open wounds, household, chemical or sunburn, skin irritation from peeling, radiotherapy k.t.l.Chrisimopoieitai face and body as often as needed until complete healing . Suitable for infants, children and adults

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