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Glucose test strips Winmedica On Call Vivid 50pcs * for the corresponding meter

On Call ® Vivid: Cutting edge technology with 100% accuracy for 100% confidence in the control and management of diabetes.

Good glycemic control
The main goal of diabetes management is the proper glycemic control. The above object is possible only with an efficient self control of blood sugar.

The WinMedica in cooperation with the US high-tech company ACON Laboratories Inc has secured the exclusive distribution in Greece of the internationally renowned sugar meter On Call ® Vivid
Counter developed for the contribution to a better self control of diabetic patients, with simple, fast and reliable measurements of blood sugar.

Unlike most meters in circulation in Greece meter On Call ® Vivid, has been certified ISO 15197: 2013 and has 100% accuracy in measurements in the whole range of sugar prices.
In addition to high accuracy measurements, On Call ® Vivid glucose meter has advanced technological features:

simplicity in the measurements because it requires coding
High hematocrit automatic correction technology.
Measuring 5 '''' ve only a small drop of 0.8 ML blood.
Indicators hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, ketones, but with the same film.
It offers smart and convenient movie release system so the patient does not need to pull the used test strips
With illuminated display and illuminated slot films.
Stable reliable measurements even taking capillary blood as the fingertip, and the palm and forearm of the patient.

* The glucose meter is NOT included

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