Oratec Therasol plus solution red

Product Sku: 18484

Product information




with additional fluorine and cherry flavor

Mouthwash 250ml equivalent to chlorhexidine, but without the drawbacks of this!


Active substance: C31G (Alkyl Dimethyl Clycine + Alkyl Dimethyl Amineoxide)

Superior to chlorhexidine in hemostatic action

Active in Gram (+), Gram (-), fungi and viruses

Powerful control plaque

It makes stains

It causes heartburn

It acts to treat malodor

Tastes great

Ideal for long term use

It contains MIT

Indications: Periodontitis, gingivitis, elkonekrotiki gingivitis, stomatitis, thrush, odor, rinses pockets, diaklismous canal, making final prints, suitable for children


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