Oti BEN LAVANDA-5 Relieves minor irritations

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Synthesis disposable enemas
Calendula officinalis SQ 0,2 ml
Propoli SQ 0,2 ml
Malva sylvestris SQ 0,2 ml
Cajeput olio essentiale 0,333 ml
Excipients: Tween 20, saline
Preservatives: Paraossibenzoato
di metile sale sodico

Membership in the bag
Calendula officinalis
Malva sylvestris
Cajeput olio essentiale
Excipients: Ethyl alcohol, distilled water
D. M. S. O. q. b. a 100 ml
Package 1: 1 irrigatore of 140 ml
Package 1: 5 irrigatore of 140 ml

It offers a comprehensive personal health care. Relieves minor irritations and inflammations, removes malodorous secretions, providing a feeling of freshness.

Using vaginal: After the end of the period / after intercourse / synergy in antifungal therapy

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