Oti Bionux 100ml Strengthening defense capacity

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Natural medicine prepared from shell Noce Nera (black walnut).

The dose of 10 gr (one teaspoon) contains:
Hydroalcoholic extract of Juglans regia (fleshy part of the nut), 9.85 g
Acido ascorbico (vitamina C), 0,15 g equal to 250% of RDA * / RDA *
Water, alcool alcohol: 50 °.

Eliminates at least 100 mature parasites during their growth, which can infect the living body without causing any side effects or disturbing effect. Also eliminates parasites and in the early stages, and the eggs of these contaminants. This effect has been demonstrated in more than 1000 cases in which parasites are the primary cause of numerous pathologies, sometimes appear to be inaccurate explanatory nature. Among these are the most indicative of fungal infections, intestinal disorders, some diseases that burden the liver and, above all, degenerative diseases and cancer.


Obvious and hidden parasites
Precautionary a degenerative disease
Strengthening defense capacity of the body to attack pests.

One teaspoon twice daily in a glass of water, away from meals for two months of treatment.


NOTIFICATION No EOF: 49007-17/7/2007

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