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Natural dietary supplement with antioxidant properties, suitable for resistance of girantikon processes due to free radicals and to restore function and microcirculation.
Nutritional supplement based on resveratrol extract Vite Rossa.
Ingredients per capsule

* VITIS VINIFERA (vita rossa) dry leaf 200 mg.


* Sets the natural function of cardiovascular system. It effectively slows the processes leading to atherosclerosis, acts as a decongestant platelet and vasodilator
* Lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), and triglycerides and raise good cholesterol (HDL)
* Protects the cells from the effects of aging (wrinkles, skin blemishes, skin and muscle relaxation).
* Strengthens the blood vessels and capillaries (varicose veins, edema) due mainly to the presence of vita rossa
* Assists in the treatment of seasonal diseases, thanks to its high antiviral activity of resveratrol is mainly against influenza viruses


Recently shown that the smallest effective dose of resveratrol for an average man weighing 70 kg is 50 mg.
H consulting daily dose of RES VITAL is 1-2 capsules, equal to 150-300 mg. resveratrol.

30 caps

NOTIFICATION No EOF: 49002 - 17/7/2007

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