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For a good quality sexual life

  • supports erections.
  • has a positive effect on sexual desire, durability and performance.
  • good for fertility.
  • supports sexual activity.
Permen® is a unique preparation especially designed to favourably influence masculine sexual functions. It has a positive influence on maintaining sexual health, supports erections, masculine potency and libido and performance. The main active ingredients, L-arginine and Tribulus, positively influence the quality and duration of an erection. Ginseng supports the feeling of sexual desire - libido. L-arginine and Tribulus has a positive effect on spermatogenesis (the formation and agility of sperm), which has a positive influence on fertility.

Regular and long-term use supports the quality and intensity of your sexual activity.


Tribulus terrestris standard extract (40% saponins) 250,00 mg Ginseng (Panax ginseng) standard extract (27-30% ginsenosides) 83,30 mg
L-arginine 166,70 mg


2 tablets a day or after meals, take with liquid

Long-term use recommended.


60 tablets

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