Pharma medi kit 33 for factories (cuts-burns-eyes)

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2 Plaster rolls 1,25cm x 5m (CE), 3 boxes sterile gauzes 15cm x 15cm
(CE), 3 pressing haemostatic sterile gauze small (CE), 3 pressing
haemostatic sterile gauze large (CE), 3 bandages 5cm x 2,5m (CE), 3
bandages 7cm x 2,5m (CE), 2 field dressings 10cm x 19cm, 3 bandages
10cm x 2,5m (CE), 3 elastic bandages 5cm (CE), 3 elastic bandages
7cm (CE), 3 elastic bandages 10cm (CE), 2 triangular bandages (CE), 4
adhesive stitches of 3 (CE), 40 plasters (CE), 2 cottons (CE), 3
BURNSHIELD dressing 10cm x 10cm (CE), 2 BURNSHIELD dressing
20cm x 20cm (CE), 1 BURNSHIELD dressing 60cm x 40cm (CE), 2
BURNSHIELD hydrogel 50ml(CE), 10 BURNSHIELD hydrogel blotts 3,5ml
(CE), 2 isothermal blankets (CE), 20 handkerchiefs with alcohol, 2
instant ice bags, 1 mouth to mouth resuscitation device Brook type
(CE), 6 latex gloves (CE), 1 haemostatic rubber (CE), 1 scissors, 1
forceps plastic, 6 safety pins, 1 eye-washing device 500 ml (CE), 1
magnifying lens, 5 eye sterile pads (CE), 1 thermometer
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