PharmaQ Cue Solution for Auricular use

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The Cue is the solution Auricular use for otitis externa. Effective treatment of foreign ensure the CUE, the specially designed and balanced composition of ingredients. 3-4 drops, 2 times a day.


After 7 days of treatment with local CUE developed new epithelial cells. The filaments have been eliminated and remains a small number of spores. After 15 days treatment with CUE integrity of the epithelium is restored. They can be recognized cellular fiery in their typical form and kytoplastika ingredients and no detectable spores and texture.


Klimpazoli 1% antibacterial and antifungal activity, broad spectrum

Storyboard acid (pH: 4) Eliminates the mycelium

Licorice strong local anti-inflammatory effect

Essential Oils Synergy in action Klimpazolis

Allantoin restores the integrity of the epithelium

Glycerol Emollient and soothing


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