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The MONODERMA ® C10 Net contains Vitamin C content is 10%


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, which when not produced by the human body should be used externally. The topical application of vitamin C is the best way to deal with any skin disease.


The L-ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C that can be utilized by the body.


The beneficial actions on the skin are described in detail below. Of all evrgetikes effects of L-Ascorbic acid should be stressed in particular its role in the formation of collagen, the photoprotection from UVA and UVB, tackling yperchromias and finally anti-inflammatory action.


Because of these characteristics, Vitamin C (L-Askorviko acid) is appropriate as a treatment against skin aging, discoloration in (even as prevention following treatment with laser) and as adjunctive therapy in some forms of inflammatory dermatitis.


Technological innovation Monodosis ® that integrates MONODERMA ® C10 releases the skin pure Vitamin C. In fact every Monodosi ® contains pure Vitamin C embedded in microcells, which is released gradually over time, ensuring longer lasting effect. Thanks to this formula, each Monodosi Net ® only contains Vitamin C, requiring no preservatives, so as to provide maximum efficiency and safety even in the most sensitive skin.


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