Pic Solution Delicate Boy, Child adhesive Pads Medium 24pcs

Product Sku: 29159

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The Kids Universal Pic Solution Delicate Boy with antibacterial cushion with chlwredixini, a substance with a high-spectrum antibacterial effect that allows the control of the microenvironment in the wound and guarantees the protection of the wound from the dangers Infection.

Indications: soft plasters, antibacterial action, antibacterial aids, protection.

For external use only.
Store the antibacterial plasters Pic Solution Delicate Boy in a shady and cool place, away from children.
Disposable product, it is prohibited to reuse it by the same or another person (there is a risk of non-effective use and contamination).
Clean and disinfect the wound before applying the Tsirotoy.
Make sure that the sticker comes into contact with clean, dry and intact skin.
It can also be used in wounds that have wounded the skin.
Contains latex if you are allergic to latex do not use it.

Produced in Italy

Paper recyclable packaging with 24 pieces with dimensions: 19 x 72 mm each.