PlacAway Eco Flosser with handle 30pics

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Plac Away Eco Floss with Handle Dental Floss with Mint Flavor and Handle in White Color 30pcs interdental with a special design for gentle and effective cleaning,  It has a  thread that effectively removes plaque from the teeth. It has a special handle and toothpick for enhanced cleaning. With cool mint flavor.


Dental floss with silicon coating
Does not fray -  Does not break
Removes plaque and protects enamel
With special handle for easy use 
Toothpick for additional cleaning
100% recyclable material
Mint flavored


Place the floss between the teeth and move it up and down without applying pressure. Rinse with water if it's nessecary . It has a special design so that it does not break.
Children under 10 years old should always be supervised by an adult.

Package -Content 

30 pics

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