PlacAway Triple Action Interdental Brushes Orange

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PlacAway Triple Action Interdental Brushes Orange

PlacAway Triple Action Interdental Brushes Orange which effectively clean the space between the teeth, removing plaque and offering antibacterial action. The package contains 6 brushes of 0.45mm

Interdental Brushes,cleaning of interdental spaces.
Orange (0.45mm)

The PlacAway Triple Action Interdental Brushes Orange effectively clean the space between the teeth without injuring the gums. They remove plaque and offer antibacterial action due to the antibacterial substance contained in the fibers. In order to find the right size you need to know the size of the gap between the teeth

  • Diameter 0,4mm
  • Soft fibers
  • Protective case
  • Antibacterial action
  • Suitable for use by people with implants
  • Suitable for use on braces


Place the brush between the teeth and move it back and forth. Do not apply pressure. For application on the back teeth you can use the lid as an extension. You can reuse the brush up to 10 times


For external use only. Always be supervised by an adult for use by children under 10 years old

Package -Content

6 brushes