Podia Premium Nail Control, 5pcs

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Podia Premium Nail Control, 5pcs
Professional nail file duplex
Coated corundum
Durable & flexible
ideal for natural nails
Filing & grinding

Functional characteristics

Wood construction
Allows stability and precision movements during filing.

Coating corundum
The second in hardness material found in nature after diamond, gives the file the necessary texture for grooming and shaping and nail length.

Special design
Non-metal construction with rounded edges to avoid injuries and possible infections. It can be safely used by diabetics.

180 Grit
Surface with medium abrasive grains on both sides, ideal for the care and well being of the technical polish and natural.

Instructions for use
The ideal length for shaping is when the free end of the nail has grown to at least 1/3 of the total length of the base. Before you begin sharpening make sure your nails are completely dry, clean and free of varnish. Using Podia Premium Nail Control, file the cutters light from the corner to the center in the same direction each time. Non file the cutters the natural nail from side to side or from top to bottom.

The Podia Premium Nail Control file is disposable. The file is strictly personal in its use. The file is a source of contamination and should either be discarded after use or decontaminated with special antibacterial liquid. Keep away from children and pets. For external use only.

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