Power Health Fleriana Crawling Insect Repellent 400ml

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Repellent Walk-crawling insects.

Often not satisfied by the presence of Walk-crawling insects, ie those that walk with their repulsive appearance scare you ;;; The company Power Health care for you and solves your problem with 100% natural product against these insects.

This aqueous solution in order to combat and eliminate the presence of crawling insects such as cockroaches, the moths, ants, centipedes, fleas, scorpions, spiders, ticks and termites. It is extremely efficient and friendly towards people and the environment.

Proper use and safety precautions:

Shake gently before using the product and spray the surface from 10 cm distance until well wetted. Spray only on surfaces, never in the air, where pass or hiding pests. Cockroaches-ants: around doors and windows, along the skirting, water and sewage pipes, along ledges, dark and damp places, basements, warehouses, lofts, pipes, around garbage bins, in a cupboard. Flea-bugs-spiders-centipedes-ticks: cabinets, mattresses, boards, carpets, points frequented or sit dogs. Even sprinkle in points is likely to spend insects, such as furniture, libraries, warehouses, behind cabinets, under appliances.

The duration of action of the product depends on the spray area, temperature, ambient air and the amount used. The product is considered harmful to aquatic organisms. Contains geraniol. It does not cause irritation.

Contains 400 ml product.

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