Power Health Fleriana SPRAY 100ml Anti-Mosquito

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The only approved Natural Anti-Mosquito Roll on.

Ideal for children

100% natural ingredients

100% extracted from flowers

Lasts 5 hours

100% Natural Mosquito extracts from flowers. The action of FLERIANA Roll-on is based on a natural molecule PMDBRO (p-mentane-3 ,8-diol botanic rich oil) contained in many edible fruits of nature and especially in the lemon eucalyptus - eucalyptus citiodora and is absolutely friendly man with a strong anti-mosquito action.


It''s really simple! Female mosquitoes need protein to lay their eggs. The carbon dioxide from our breath and skin odor signal that there is a good source of protein. The molecule of PMDBRO Fleriana not only covers the smell, but "mislead" the female mosquitoes that there''s no protein and thus removed.

According to long-term experiments have shown that:

• There is an irritant or dermatological changes

· Has very low toxicity

• It has no mutagenic properties and phototoxic effect

• It is not detrimental to the environment

· Biodegradable product metabolised by the body itself

Ingredients: aqua, menthoglycol (citriodiol), paraffinum liquidum, hexyldecanol, peg-40 hydrogenerated castor oil, cetyl / stearyl-alcohol, ceteareth 10, cocos nucifera, potassium hydroxyde, citric acid, potassium citrate, citronellal, nerol, no gas.

It contains citronella

Instructions for proper use and precautions: Apply to the parts of the body exposed and easier to come into contact with mosquitoes. The application in children is recommended only for adults. Use the product to dry and clean skin. Do not use on irritated or bruised skin. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and face. Keep the product in a dry, cool, away from food and cooking utensils and where they can reach children. Avoid swallowing.

Packs spray & roll on a 100 ml

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