Power Health Mastident Toothpaste 75ml

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Toothpaste of Power Health.

Everyone''s smile staff is an indicator of happiness and wellness. Through it expressed not only the health and feelings. A warm, friendly and hospitable smile is more charming when you are healthy. To be, however, healthy, and should take the necessary daily care.

Dental care and by extension your smile gives you the company Power Health through toothpaste Mastident. The toothpaste contains mastic and basil and is suitable for daily hygiene of your mouth. Mastic, a plant known for its properties against germs, helps to reduce the creation of caries, plaque and bad breath. On the other hand, basil, thanks to its astringent and toning properties, enhances the health of the gums and gives you fresh and refreshing taste and breath. It also contains a combination of plant components, such as sage, myrrh, aloe and betaine, limiting inflammation of the gums, have healing properties and offer protection against sensitive teeth. As a natural sweetener stevia plant contains. The product is considered suitable for homeopathy.

Instructions: Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day, after each meal. Do not swallow the product. Do not allow the use of children under 3 years.

Contains 75 ml product.

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