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The combination of spirulina + Sallowthorns offers a (super food) ²

with cumulative beneficial properties :

• Strengthening the immune system, helping to protect against cancer pledging action to chemo - radiation therapies.

• Energy, stimulate , increase strength , speed recovery , healing wounds.

• Strengthen the nervous system and reduce stress.

• Protection from cardiac - vascular and decrease sugar and cholesterol , increased hematocrit - anemias .

• Reproductive Relief , prostate in men , symptoms of menopause in women.

• Preventive action on the system of vision (cataract , macula - spot ) .

• Omega -7 fatty acids Sallow protect the brain and cardiovascular .

• Dealing with skin , acne , eczema , burns , psoriasis , hair loss , nails .

The SPIRULINA is a primitive multicellular micro-algae appeared on Earth before 3.5 billion years . With its ability to absorb twice the photosynthetic biomass of carbon dioxide (CO2) and bind to a nitrogen ( N ) . Historically, the Spanish conquerors of Mexico, the 16th century observed the Aztecs to collect thin sheet of natural spirulina ponds and convert it into cakes . Today this process is done systematically in Lake Texcoco. A similar procedure is applied to Chad African lake Kossoron, where spirulina is the main component of the diet of local populations , particularly for pregnant women and local

pharmaceutical . After the Second World War Germans and French teachers have studied in detail the spirulina. In 1967 the spirulina was declared " excellent source of food of the future " , by the International Association of Microbiologists . More recently, NASA chose spirulina as the main source of food for astronauts . The different elements gives us spirulina is completely water soluble and completely digestible , providing extra energy, complementing shortcomings of the daily diet , restoring proper metabolic balance .

Increases performance in mental and physical work , sport and the desire for competitive distinction in the spaces moves every modern man . According to an official publication of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations (Circular 1034 FIMA/C1034 (En), 155N 2070-6065 , 2008) , the spirulina recognized the possibility of using collateral for healing (supplementary cure) in many problematic diseases or health conditions. The most important is to strengthen the immune system by Phycocyanin, which reduces blood lipids , fights the feeling of " fatigue " with increasing levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) and M ( IgM ) (1 )

• Proteins , vitamins , minerals and polysaccharides improve all physical performance , especially in athletes . In weightlifters increases lung capacity without affecting blood pressure .

• The dry biomass of spirulina contains up to 2 % c -linoleic acid (GIA), a rate equal to that of breast milk . This high rate helps in arthritis , obesity , cardiovascular syndrome and aid zinc .

• The spirulina in experiments conducted in Germany and Japan , showed that reduces cholesterol , triglycerides and low density lipoproteins in the blood, acting beneficial in combating atherosclerosis . ( 2 )

• Due to the very high organic content directly assimilable iron , the spirulina directly helps in correcting anemia , low hematocrit and menstrual syndrome. ( 3 )

Current studies support the positive effect of spirulina in prevention of cancer ( leukemia ) , the protection of patients undergoing radio- and chemo - therapies because antiviral activity in assisting people affected from the virus of AIDS.

The HIPPOFAES (Hippophae Rhamnoides) is a deciduous shrub that grows throughout Europe and the western reaches of northwest China . Is a dioecious plant with separate male and female plants are pollinated with the help of the wind. The name comes from the words horse faos + ( light + shine ) , with Foster the soldiers of Alexander the Great , who gave fruits and leaves on injured horses for a speedy recovery , healing wounds , more power and look with plenty of hair and glowing.

In ancient times its use was widespread , with reports of Theophrastus , Aristotle and the father of pharmacology Dioscorides . The fruits that have been dried , turned into powder and mixed with powdered spirulina, are literally a "plant nutrient bank ," according to proven clinical trials in Russia .

The Buckthorn has many uses , such as Germany and Scandinavia prepare drinks that are very rich in carotenoids and vitamin C. In Finland used as an ingredient in baby foods , while in Asia is used as a healing herb for the digestive, circulatory, rheumatoid arthritis , dermatology ( wound healing and burns , psoriasis because of regeneration tissue - antiaging ) and ophthalmology ( senile macula ) .

In 2005 founded the international organization " EANSEABUK " between the European Union, Russia and China , to promote products Sallow for the citizens of those countries .

As " superfoods " contain:

• Many antioxidants such as Vitamin C with an average content of 800mg per 100g, 15 times more than oranges , contributing preventative against aging , cardiovascular and cancer .

• Vitamin E , 80mg per 100g, which accelerates wound healing , slows cell aging and strengthens the reproductive system .

• Vitamin A , 60mg per 100g, which contributes to the health of the eyes (cataracts , macula ) , treatment of skin ( burns, psoriasis , acne , etc. )

• Many carotenoids ( alpha- carotene , zeaxanthin , lycopene , etc. )

• All metal parts which are necessary for the functioning (physical and spiritual) of the human body .

• Water soluble vitamins B - complex

• sitosterol and flavonoids with protective activity in prostatic hyperplasia .

• Essential fatty acids for proper functioning of the immune , reproductive and nervous system and help reduce cholesterol .

• All the essential amino acids ( 32% protein) .