PRUZAX Ultra Cream 150ml Antipruritic cream (face / body)

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PRUZAX ULTRA is an antipruritic cream (face / body) effective in the symptomatic / temporary relief of pruritus (itch) of any cause (associated with dermatological, systemic or paediatric diseases, as well as drug-induced pruritus).

PRUZAX ULTRA cream is corticosteroid and antihistamines free and contains:

Polidocanol - Antipruritic action

Urea -     Moisturizing action

Panthenol - Mild Antiflammatory – Moisturizing action

Chamomile extract & a-Bisabolol - Mild Antiflammatory action

PRUZAX ULTRA cream has triple action:

a) Antipruritic

b) Moisturizing

c) Mild antiflammatory

PRUZAX ULTRA cream also restores the normal epidermal barrier function.

PRUZAX ULTRA cream contains polidocanol (Macrogol Lauryl Ether/ Lauromacrogols). Polidocanol has not only slight local anaesthetic effect, but also anti-pruritic properties, which make it an ideal agent for the management of dry and itching skin conditions (i.e. atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc).

The antipruritic action of a polidocanol-urea containing topical preparation was demonstrated in a resent Observational Study, conducted in Federal Republic of Germany with the participation of 196 physicians and 910 patients (among them were 25 children 0-6 years old and 34 children 6-12 years old) with Atopic Dermatitis (36% of the patients), Pruritus Senilis (24% of the patients) and other itchy skin conditions. At the end of the study, 82.7% of the patients observed a good or excellent reduction of pruritus (itch). Positive effects on pruritus (itch) were shown immediately or after a few minutes. The conclusion of the study was that “…the polidocanol-urea preparation is an efficient, safe and well tolerated treatment option in skin diseases with the leading symptoms of xerosis and itch…”.
A.Scommer, MD et al: Efficacy of a Polidocanol-Urea Combination in Dry, Itching Skin. Results of an Observational Study with Approved Methodology: Akt.Dermatol.: 2007: 33: pp 33-38 (Abst. in English-Text in German)

PRUZAX ULTRA cream is recommended for the symptomatic / temporary relief of pruritus as well as for the management of dry skin, as found in:

• Pruritic Skin Conditions (Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria, etc)

• Senile Pruritus (Itch of elderly people)

• Uremic Pruritus (Renal itching)

• Hematological Pruritus

• Drug-induced Pruritus and Dry Skin

• Pruritus caused by SunBurn

PRUZAX ULTRA cream can be used (by pharmacists) as a base for an anti-pruritic Galenic preparation.

PRUZAX ULTRA cream should be applied on the affected area using a gentle massage until it is fully absorbed. Use 2-3 times a day or as frequently needed.

PRUZAX ULTRA cream is available in plastic tube of 150ml.

For external use only.

PRUZAX ULTRA cream is not a medicine.

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