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The Immune Biotix the Quest is a unique combination of ingredients that support the immune system. Its unique composition includes 1-3,1-6 beta glucans , garlic , probiotics, zinc , selenium , copper and vitamin D. The 1-3,1-6 beta glucans are powerful bio - active ingredients that may, in accordance with studies , strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of viral and other infections by pathogenic microorganisms . The cold-curing garlic extract has proven antioxidant and antimicrobial activity . Zinc , selenium and copper have antioxidant activity , contributing to proper immune function and reduce the risk of infections . Vitamin D also supports the immune system and probiotics inhibit pathogenic microorganisms in the body . To Immune Biotix is ideal for those who want to boost their immune and protected from viruses and other infections , especially during autumn and winter months . Ideal for sickly people or people who come into contact with lots of people and have an increased risk of getting sick .

Features Composition
- Unique combination of beta glucans , garlic , probiotics , Vitamin D & minerals
- With ingredients that contribute to the proper functioning of the immune
- High in constant live probiotics : 20 billion probiotics per capsule
- Suitable for vegetarians
- Does not contain dairy ingredients (lactose )

Dosage & Instructions
One to two capsules daily with or after meals with water.

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