Quest Vitamins BIO C COMPLEX 90 tabs (vitamin C 500 mg & 500 mg

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The dietary supplement Bio C Complex of Quest provides the body with vitamin C with bioflavonoids , mix ingredients strengthens capillaries and supports the general good health of the heart and cardiovascular , maintains a good cholesterol levels and provides mild anti - histamine action . Also , vitamin C has significant activity against infections and colds , is essential for a healthy immune system and protects cells from oxidative damage caused by toxins from the environment . Furthermore, it is necessary for the synthesis of collagen and therefore an important structural component of connective tissue of the skin ( elasticity) , blood vessels, skin , tendons , ligaments and bones , enhances the action of anti -stress hormone retains eye health and increases the absorption of iron.

Features Composition
- Synergistic antioxidant composition which protects the body tissues
- Formula high in bioflavonoids
- The synergistic bioflavonoids increase absorption of Vitamin C up to 35%
- Quick-release tablet , designed to release all the content within 30 minutes and ensures quick supply of tissues
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Dosage & Instructions
One to three tablets daily with a meal.

vitamin C 500mg + 500mg bioflavonoids

This formula contains 500mg of Vitamin C and 500mg of Bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids enhance the absorption of Vitamin C as well as having functions in their own right. Vitamin C is very important for a healthy immune system and also takes part in the repair and renewal of tissue.

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