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The dietary supplement Buffered C 700mg of Quest, because it contains vitamin C ester form and not acidic , is a suitable supplement vitamin C for those who suffer from arthritis , and ulcers and hiatus hernia is the most appropriate form of vitamin C for the elderly . Due to the combination of vitamin C with bioflavonoids that gives the body can reduce the chances of infections and colds and is essential for a healthy immune system . Vitamin C protects cells from oxidative damage caused by toxins and the environment , it is necessary for the synthesis of collagen and therefore an important structural component of connective tissue of the skin ( elasticity) , blood vessels, skin , tendons , ligaments and bones . It also enhances the activity of anti -stress hormones , supports good cardiovascular health , maintains a good cholesterol levels and increases the absorption of iron.


Features Composition

- Quick-release tablet , designed to release Vitamin C directly within 30 minutes and ensures quick supply of tissues

- The synergistic bioflavonoids increase absorption of Vitamin C up to 35%

- Ester C lower acidity (calcium ascorbate)

- Form of vitamin C friendly stomach

- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Dosage & Instructions

One to three tablets daily with a meal.

Get more of vitamin C 1000mg may cause mild stomach upset in sensitive people .

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