Rilastil Xerolact Balm Sodium Lactate 18%, 100ml

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Rilastil Xerolact 18% is a specialized dermatological treatment that restores optimal levels of hydration, restoring the functionality of the hydrolipidic barrier and normal elasticity to dry, very dry, sensitive skin and to dry skin.
The Rilastil Xerolact 18% Balm is a softening and abrasive treatment, specialized to combat local hyperkeratosis. With a composition designed for dry-skinned skin, the balm reduces the unnatural thickening of the skin, restoring its normal elasticity.

Balm for intensive hydration and exfoliation, daily adjuvant treatment, sensitive skin with dry skin and local hyperkeratosis.

Apply Rilastil Xerolact 18% on clean and dry skin, two or more times a day, in areas with dryness, peeling or thickening of the skin, preferably after bathing or showering and as needed.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

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100 ml