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If you are seriously interested in building lean, strong muscles, the protein product - flagship Sci-MXeinai necessary! The GRS-5 ProteinSystem ® is a new generation of scientifically engineered protein drink designed to provide a gradual release of protein for longer periods than a typical protein.

Muscles grow in size and strength more efficiently if fed continuously with amino acids while you train with weights. Immediately after exercise, muscles require rapidly metabolised proteins such as whey protein isolate and concentrate. The GRS-5 contains good amounts of both. Between workouts, meals, and during sleep, the muscles continue to heal itself and this is when the protein is gradually absorbed the best. So along with whey protein, the GRS-5 also contains gradually releasable proteins from milk, egg whites and soy which cooperate with a complex enzyme optiZyme, which increases the absorption of the BCAA (amino acid chain) and free amino acids.

Adding Aminogen a revolutionary, patented product in the U.S. compound proven in clinical studies increases the release of BCAA than 250% and nitrogen retention 32%. The basic amino acids and vitamins a package designed to help the metabolism of protein supplements the GRS- 5 ProteinSystem making it the ultimate choice for anyone interested in the size and muscle strength.

The GRS-9 ProteinSystem is without carbohydrates to promote fat loss and firmness of the panel lines of the muscles. It is also delicious and mixes easily with water, giving a creamy and hearty drink.


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