Sebamed Baby Lotion 200ml

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The efficiently moisturizing and emollient complex is rapidly absorbed for gentle protection to safeguard baby''s delicate skin against dryness

* Consolidates the resistance of baby’s delicate skin
* With the pH value of 5.5 Baby sebamed is clinically proven to promote the development of the acid mantle
* Free from nitro-mochus compounds, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, dioxan

* Product features: Gentle protection for delicate baby skin
* Moisturizing and emollient complex safeguard against dryness
* Allantoin makes the skin smooth and supple
* Chamomilla recutita extract counteracts inflammation and irritation of the skin
* Rapidly absorbed without greasy residue
* Mild pleasant fragrance
* 7% lipid compound oil-in-water emulsion

* Indications: Well suited for the care of delicate baby skin after washing and bathing
* For all-over the body use
* Especially recommended for use in hot climates or in summer
* Dermatologically tested

Content: 200ml

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