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The Otikon otic spray, is a completely herbal approach to combat the symptoms associated with the middle and otitis externa. Helps relieve inflammatory reactions and painful discomfort in the ear canal, into the improvement of the treatment of otitis media and maintain the cleanliness of the ear, while removing the accumulated volumes.
Medical Device Class I.

♦ Fully unique herbal preparation for the relief of symptoms associated with middle & otitis externa.
♦ Significantly more effective than antibiotics in pain management of otitis media and active in viral origin sory infections.
♦ The only herbal preparation with informed action based on clinical studies.
♦ Helps in the removal of Cerumen.
♦ 1-2 short ear sprays 3 times daily for 5-7 days

Indications: Otic spray for removal of Cerumen from the ear canal to the hearing aid and relieve ear aches.

Instructions for use: Apply gently massage into damp face, then rinse well. For integrated action apply a light sprinkling of Avène thermal water. Use one to two times weekly.

For external use only.
Store in shady and cool place, away from children.
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Manufactured in Israel

Content: 7 ml

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