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Biotin, a dietary supplement from Solgar, for growth and repair of hair and skin.
Due to its beneficial effect on the hair, nails and skin, biotin is commonly known as the "vitamin beauty".
This is because activating the metabolism of the protein amino acids in the roots of hair and nail cells, improving the thin and brittle nails.
Solgar Biotin Cooperates with vitamins B2, B6, niacin (B3) and A (in cooperation with the other B vitamins) for maintaining healthy skin.
Also improves eczema and dermatitis. For example, in infants with seborrhea (cradle cap) or patients with genetic defects in the metabolism of biotin (Leiner''s disease: type smigmatorroiakis dermatitis) are administered high doses of biotin with beneficial results.
It plays a key role in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates designed to produce energy. Those concerning hair biotin assist in treatment of hair loss and maintain the natural color delaying graying.
Additionally biotin help to maintain the physiological state of the mucous and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Finally, the biotin may be used in weight loss programs because of the effect on the metabolism of fat.
The Solgar Biotin is available in 50 capsules, from Solgar.

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