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Chelated Magnesium, belongs to the category of nutritional supplements of Solgar, with minerals and trace elements.
Prepared according to the processing Albion amino acid chelation, the nutritional supplement of Solgar, placed into 100 tablets.

It supplies the body with high power magnesium, people that need treatment with magnesium. Magnesium is an essential metal for the metabolism and protein synthesis, to activate a large number of enzymes, and for the passage of potassium and sodium through cell membranes. Satisfactory blood magnesium levels protect the cardiovascular system and protect cardiac arrhythmias and stroke. The low magnesium levels in the blood evidence, gives the existence of heart disease. Taken as a supplement, magnesium may help in cases of insomnia in Premenstrual syndrome, cramps and to cardiovascular problems such as hypertension or angina, due to coronary artery spasm. According to prominent American cardiologists magnesium also:

Chelated Magnesium It helps the heart to the arteries pushes larger volume of blood without the need of additional oxygen. Relaxes sheepishly vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely. Prevents platelet aggregation, reducing so the chances of blood clots forming and clogging arteries. It also reduces the "bad" cholesterol and increase "good". Magnesium strengthens tooth enamel, and is important for bone mass density and osteoporosis. Without sufficient amount of magnesium or calcium sufficient amount can be retained in the bone, which thus become more brittle and prone to osteoporosis, magnesium, moreover, maintains calcium in solution, preventing accretion of the arteries and stone formation kidney and bile.

DOSAGE: In tablets. Take 1-4 tablets Chelated Magnesium daily, preferably with meals. Suitable for vegans.

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