Solgar Ester-C 500mg 50V.Caps

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Food supplement with Vitamin C in the form of Ester-C.

The contribution and the benefits of vitamin C are many. Destroyed, however, very quickly and stays minimal amount thereof in foods until consumption.

The Ester-C Solgar is a product of company supplements series Solgar form Ester-C Vitamin C, no acid. Has built complex of citrate bioflavonoids, rosehip fruit, acerola, rutin and metabolites of vitamin C, which are natural, and are L-threonate, L-lyxoniko, L-tree of acid.

The Ester-C of Solgar:

♦ It offers the same benefits as vitamin C, just not at all acidic.
♦ The body absorbs four times more, actuates two times more and maintains circulating 2 times more compared to the normal form of vitamin C.
Strengthens the immune system to function smoothly and efficiently.
♦ Improves the creation of collagen and contributes to the proper function of blood vessels by promoting gingival health and skin.
♦ It helps the nervous system to function properly.
♦ It protects cells from oxidative stress.
♦ Enhances absorption of iron.
♦ Provides antioxidant action as "recycle" vitamin E.
♦ Reduces fatigue levels.

Administered as vegicap or tablets Ester-C and for adults only.
Contains 50 fytokapsoules of 500 mg.
You receive 1.3 fytokapsoules Ester-C day, preferably in conjunction with meals.
Suitable for Vegans.

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