Solgar Evening Primrose Oil (Cold Pressed) 500mg 30s

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dietary supplement with Evening Primrose Oil

this is the company''s dietary supplement solgar, containing evening primrose oil
evening primrose is part of the family of rosebay willow herb. The name comes from the fact that the yellow flowers open mainly at night. seeds are collected and, after compressed, produced oil of evening primrose.

This oil is one of the few natural sources of polyunsaturated fat gamma-linolenic acid (gla). the gla belongs to the group of omega-6 fatty acids and can be readily converted in the body to prostalgadini e1 (pge1), which regulates the cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive systems.

the evening primrose oil (cold pressed):

• a rich source of linoleic acid active.
• treat premenstrual symptoms.
• regulates the disorders brought on by menopause.
• multiplies the secretion of sex hormones.
• protects and improves cardiovascular and nervous system health.


granted in the form of capsules for adults only.
Contains 30 capsules of 500 mg Evening Primrose Oil.
1-3 can receive soft capsules Solgar Evening Primrose Oil (Cold Pressed), preferably in conjunction with meals.
the product is cold-pressed without additives.

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