Solgar Multiple Fibre Formula 120V.caps

Product Sku: 1876

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Food supplement for a variety of uses.

The Solgar Multiple Fibre Formula is a product of Solgar company. Contains both fiber soluble in water, such as oat bran, apple pectin, grapefruit pectin and fiber that does not dissolve in water, such as flaxseed and psyllium seed husk (phsyllium husks). The utility of Solgar Multiple Fibre Formula is found in cases of constipation, diverticulitis, weight control. Even regulates high cholesterol and high levels of blood sugar. Solgar Multiple Fibre Formula contributes to the binding of heavy metals and protect against cancers of the colon.


Solgar Multiple Fibre Formula is given at vegicaps.
The package contains 120 vegicaps.
Ye receive 1-6 vegicaps per day, together with a large glass of water (250 ml) during the day, preferably at a distance from the meals.
Suitable for vegans.

CAUTION! No dietary supplement does not replace a healthy and balanced diet. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, you are taking any medication or suffer from a disease, ask your doctor for advice before taking the product.

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