Solgar Wild Alaskan Full Spectrum Omega 120s

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Food supplement with fatty acids Wild Alaskan Full Spectrum OMEGA.

It is widespread that fish oils are a natural source of essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. At the northern end of the earth survives wild salmon Alaska, one of the most pure and rare natural sources of fatty acids. She lives in one of the last ecosystems on the planet who are not infected and comes exclusively from sustainable fisheries. It contains no heavy metals and provides fatty acids omega-3, such as is required by the human body.

According to clinical studies, omega-3 fatty acids of Solgar Wild Alaskan Full Spectrum Omega act against inflammation, contribute to the good functioning of the brain and cardiovascular system and keep triglycerides in the blood to normal. In Wild Alaskan Full Spectrum Omega found in greater quantities than in other vegetable sources such as sea buckthorn exhibit antioxidant activity and enhance the proper digestive function.

The Wild Alaskan Full Spectrum Omega contains, besides Omega-3 fatty acids , astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant carotenoid that gives salmon its intense pink color and helps the body effectively absorb Omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol, which is better absorbed and helps to operate properly the bone, cardiovascular and immune system.


It is only used in adults, in the form of soft capsules.
Contains 120 soft capsules.
Ye receive 1-2 soft capsules, and dining.

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