Sorefix balm lip balm against herpes labialis 8ml

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Sorefix balm  lip balm against herpes labialis 8ml

The Sorefix lip balm against herpes  is aν innovative product - formulated to suppress and relieve cold sores and help to prevent the reappearance. The patented formula consists of two zinc compounds and treats the symptoms of herpes labialis as: blisters, numbness, itching and burning sensation.
Prevents the creation rash when cold sores is underway while m` that prevents dryness of the lips.
Usually, cold sores do cycle of four stages. Using Sorefix balm act2 lip balm against herpes 10ml healing process in each step is accelerated. It contains nutrients such as vitamin E, are discreet and transparent, involves protection against UV radiation, while a medical device.

Content: 8ml

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