SoreFix Duo Patch 15τμχ

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SoreFix Duo Patch 15τμχ 

SoreFix Duo Patch 15pcs SoreFix Duo Patch is the first and only transparent active cold sore patch with wound healing ingredient, hyaluronic acid 0.5% An ultra-thin, transparent, hypoallergenic, make-up resistant patch that adheres to the lip, heals the wound, relieving itching, reducing the risk of infection, with 12-hour action.
It speeds up wound healing and relieves itching
It reduces the possibility of the risk of contamination
Transparent, HYPO-allergenic, make-up resistant pad
With an active healing ingredient
With effective Action & Protection that lasts 12 hours
Enriched with 0.5% hyaluronic acid, which satisfactorily moisturizes the labial herpes, creates a protective film against external influences, thus reducing the risk of infection, relieving itching and preventing the formation of scars

Way of use
We wash our hands before using the pad
We make sure the skin is clean & dry
If you need make-up or lipstick, we can put it on top of the pad
We change the pad every 12 hours and repeat until the herpes completely disappears
SoreFix Duo Patch
in a pack of 15 pads

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