Spiroulina Platensis 120 Tablets 500mg

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magine a Greek natural product with more iron than beef, more protein than soybeans, more carotenoids than carrots. Welcome to a microcosm of spirulina!

With a multitude of bioactive nutrients such as high quality protein, iron, selenium, beta-carotene, B vitamins, vitamin E and essential fatty acid GLA, the Spiroulina Platensis you watch of course, without being charged with calories!

The cell of spirulina is not surrounded by a hard wall of cellulose, as in plant foods, with the result of nutritional ingredients to be readily bioavailable to the body!

Spiroulina Platensis tablets.


120 tablets of 500mg pure spirulina without excipients.

• Withοut Iodine


Adults can consume up to 3 grams of spirulina (6 tablets) daily with water, juice or milk. Children are recommended to consume up to 1.5 gram of spirulina (3 tablets).