Splenta box 75 gr

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SPLENDA® Low Calorie Sweetener is available in two varieties – Granulated and Tablet.

SPLENDA® Granulated is ideal for cooking and baking as well as using in hot and cold drinks and for sprinkling on cereal or fruit. Spoon for spoon, SPLENDA® Granulated is just as sweet as sugar but weighs much less – the 125g pack is equivalent in sweetness to 1.25kg of sugar. One teaspoon of SPLENDA® Granulated has only 2 Calories compared to the 20 Calories sugar has per 5g teaspoon.

Each tablet has the equivalent sweetness of one 5g teaspoon of sugar yet contains virtually no calories. In fact, each tablet contains only 0.2 Calories. SPLENDA® Tablets come in handy portable dispensers which are filled with either 100, 300 or 500 tablets

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