Styx Rose Garten Tonic Lotion 200ml

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Rosegarden Toning Lotion 200ml

Tonic lotion skin rejuvenation, provides a fresh feeling after cleansing with Rosegarden cleansing Milk. It contains no alcohol and preservatives making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Rose Garden of the skin care products are ideal for sensitive, demanding, mature skin.
All natural cosmetics series Styx Rose Garden are based on sensual scent of rose Damascus, which grows wild in the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria.
The rose petals are used harvested by hand early in the morning and immediately after epexergazontai.gia make this precious rose oil containing the Rosegarden series special.
This guarantees the perfect preservation of the quality of rose oil.

Instructions For Use
After the emulsion rose and while they have opened the pores of the skin for cleansing, apply Rosegarden Tonic Lotion to restore the PH and to prevent irritation.
The Rosegarden Tonic Lotion contains no alcohol or preservatives.

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