Superfoods Hippophae 50+ Food Supplement 30Caps

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The Hippophae Superfoods 50 + multivitamin contains nature, Sea buckthorn, enhanced with herbal extracts, ideal to meet the basic needs of men and women over 50 years old. Linseed oil, Ginseng, Lutein, Oil pumpkin seeds: the necessary beneficial ingredients in the ideal ratio for energy and health in ages over 50.
Combination of herbal extracts in appropriate proportions, to cover the most basic needs of men and women over 50 years old.
Enhanced formula with vitamins a, E, D in 100% of the recommended daily intake, which helps in the normal function of the immune and maintaining healthy muscles, bones and teeth.

Sea buckthorn: Energy, stimulating, beautiful and healthy hair, nails and youthful skin.
Flaxseed: health of the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal. Helps to keep blood sugar at normal levels.
Ginseng: Maintain physical energy and endurance.
Pumpkin seeds: urinary and Prostate Health.
Lutein: maintain eye health.

Dietary supplement, energy, stimulation, health, Sea buckthorn, Flaxseed, Ginseng, pumpkin seed, Lutein, Men & women over 50 years old.

1 capsule per day with food or medicine or pharmacy instructions.

Store in shady and cool place, away from children.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking pharmaceutical formulations or experiencing health problems, advise your physician before taking this product.

30 softgels

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