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The SuperHealth Omega 3 Fish Oil is a High-quality fish oil rich in EPA and DHA which are the main Omega 3 vital fatty acids (EFAs). EPA and DHA help the smooth functioning of the heart and immune system . It is produced from small fish (Peruvian anjuya) of the Pacific ocean and has been prepared under perfect conditions, with pressure and filtering, without chemical processing. It has been checked that it does not contain: dioxins and pollutants with the highest quality criteria. At the same time it remains unchanged as each batch is subject to a specific oxidation check.

- High content of omega 3 fatty acids
- For healthy heart, arteries, brain and flexible joints
- Supports immune and hormonal system
- Contains natural carotenoids and tocopherols which are destroyed in processed oils
- Without PCBs or other pollutants.
- Helps reduce inflammation
- Helps maintain the fluidity of cell membranes
- Helps reduce lipid in the blood
- Contributes to the non-welding of platelets
- Helps maintain health hair and nail
- Helps fight depression
- Helps reduce pain in joints
- Helps good function of the brain
- DHA is a precursor to a possible anti-inflammatory agent, Neuroprotectin D1

Dietary supplement, Essential fatty acids Omega 3 from fish oil, Immune,  Cardiovascular, Joints, Prevention.

Usage Instructions
2 capsules SuperHealth Omega 3 Fish Oil day with meal or on doctor's instructions

Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from kids.
If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, taking medicinal products or experiencing health problems, advise your doctor before taking this preparation.

Content - Packaging
60 Capsules

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