Terranova Folate 400μg Complex 50V.Caps

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The diet supplement Terranova Folate 400μg Complex contains the active form of folic acid together with a mixture of superfoods for high absorption.  Helps develop new cells as it participates in various metabolic pathways.
100% natural, without additives and preservatives.
It helps women of childbearing potential, pregnant women, people with anaemia, synthesis-repair-methylation of DNA.
Ideal for vegetarian and vegans.

- In normal hematopoiesis
- In the smooth functioning of the immune system
- In the development of maternal tissue during pregnancy
- In the ellination of fatigue and fatigue
- In normal amino acid synthesis
- Normal psychological function

Dietary supplement, folic acid, as methylfolic, together with a mixture of superfoods for maximum absorption.

Instructions Use
Get 1 capsule Terranova Folate 400μg Complex a day with food

Beetroot juice & leaves, Folic acid, Pumpkin seed, Spinach leaves, Rice bran

Nutritional Elements


For Best Absorption Herb Blend (Magnifood) 500mg
Stabilized Rice Bran 200mg
Beetroot Juice & Greens [Beta Vulgaris]-fresh dried-ORGANIC  150mg
Spinach [Spinacia Oleracea]-fresh freeze dried-ORGANIC 75mg
Pumpkin Seed [Cucurbita Pepo] 75mg
Folate (Methylfolate) 400μg

Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from children.
If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, taking medicinal products or experiencing health problems, advise your doctor before taking this preparation.

E.O.F.*: 126331/11.12.2018

Content - Packaging
50 capsules of plant origin


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