Thermale Med Ice Power Gel 150ml

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Thermale Med Ice Power Gel 150ml


Thermale Med Ice Power Gel Cryotherapy Gel 150ml a Natural cryotherapy gel with analgesic, cooling & anti-inflammatory action that penetrates deeply and gives immediate relief to muscles from pain.

It stimulates and gives well-being to stressed parts of the body
With cooling and anti-inflammatory action, it penetrates deeply, stopping pain & fighting inflammation
The refreshing cooling sensation imparts analgesia and increases blood circulation locally.
It gives instant relief to muscles from pain.
Suitable for use on the waist, back, neck and limbs.
Suitable for warming up, preventing cramps, muscle cramps, bruises and sprains, after intense sports activities or significantly tiring work.
It immediately relieves pain caused by sprains, fractures, hematomas, swellings, bruises, contusions, tendonitis, colds, stiffness, epicondylitis, periarthritis, cervical syndrome, acute & chronic arthritis
Herbal extract of arnica
Without parabens
Without Allergens
Apply a thin layer of gel locally with gentle massage 3 to 4 times a day
Wash your hands thoroughly with plenty of water after use
Thermale Med Ice Power Gel Cryotherapy Gel
In a package of 150 ml

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