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Insect Repellents
SKU 29949

UniPharma Repel Spray 150ml


Insect protection from mosquitoes and other insects, suitable for children and adults! The specialized laboratories of Uni-Pharma have created for you Repel, a product that, unlike many common formulations, keeps insects away without smelling in humans and at the same time moisturizes (with hyaluronic).

In this way, we can use it without any inconvenience, every hour of the day we need protection.

-The insect repellent action of Repel lasts 8 hours and offers the skin the necessary protection from insect bites and all the dangers that they pose.

-It is dermatologically tested and suitable for adults, children and infants from 12 months.

-It has as active ingredient IR3535, repellent of natural origin, which is recommended by the World Health Organization and CDC to avoid pinching of our known insects and species that one encounters when travelling in tropical countries. Therefore the Repel is ideal for those intending to travel.

-The IR 3535 is an insect repellent body that repels and protects from a wide range of insects: mosquitoes, and mosquito-tiger, gnats, fleas, ticks, flies, bees, wasps.

-Repel is odorless, without preservatives and without parabens.

-Repel can be combined with our sunscreen.

-It is extremely practical, and does not leave oiliness.

Odorless insect repellent spray, adults, children and infants over 12 months of age.

Spray the Repel Spray on uncovered parts of the body about 1ml per forearm. Do not spray directly on the face. To be used on the face, sprinkle your palms and lay carefully on the face of the adult or child, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Rub once per day. Wash your hands after use.

For external use only. 
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.

150 ml