Uriach Colpofix Spray Gel 10x20ml

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Uriach Colpofix Spray Gel 10x20ml

Uriach Colpofix Spray Gel 10x20ml vaginal gel in spray form that protects the cervical mucosa from external lesions due to HPV or germs, while at the same time it restores the vaginal flora. Contains 10 vaginal applicators.

Uriach Colpofix Spray Gel 10x20ml is a gel that turns into a liquid with the help of compression and again into a gel during application, so that there are no leaks after its use. Due to its active ingredients, polycarbophil and carboxymethyl beta glucan creates a protective membrane in the mucosa that results in moisturizing and protecting the cervical mucosa from germs and when there are lesions caused by HPV. At the same time it restores the vaginal flora.


Remove the applicator protective cover. Open the bottle and place the applicator in the vial. Press it until the gel appears. Then lie on your back and place the applicator deep in the vagina. Perform 5 sprays. After the end, discard the applicator and close the bottle until the next application.

It is recommended 5 sprays per day, for 10 days, before bedtime


Water, sorbitol carboxymethyl beta glucan, acrylic crosslinker (polycarbophil), imazolidinylurea, sodium deshydroacetate


Suitable for vaginal use only

Keep in a dry and cool place away from children. In case of irritation or sensitivity when using it, stop the application and consult your doctor

The color of the gel may change due to the natural ingredients it contains. This does not mean that the quality is altered.

Each applicator can be used only once. Do not use applicators that are broken or already open.

Do not use the product after its expiration date

Package -Content

Vaginal gel  20ml 

10 applicators

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