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Uriel Ac11 Abdominal Belt S-XL, 1Pcs


The post-operative Uriel AC11 belt provides compression and support to weak and tense abdominal muscles resulting from injury, inertia, exhaustion or surgery, including cesarean, hysterectomy or liposuction. It promotes good posture and can also be used as a waist tightening belt. Ideal for post-operative and post-natal use.
Black color

Postoperative belt
, compression in weak and tensioned abdominal muscles, support to weak and tense abdominal muscles, injury, inertia, exhaustion, surgical procedures
One size fits sizes from Small to XL

Construction materials
It consists of: 45% polyester, 55% spandex

Position the belt around your waist as shown, place it at the desired height and attach the velcro to a firm but comfortable fit.

For external use only.
Use the Uriel AC11 post-operative belt only for the aforementioned indication
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.
Do not use it if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Made in Israel

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1 piece

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