Veet Body Waxing Strip Normal Skin, 20pcs

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Ready Veet depilatory body strips with shea butter


It is ready strips Veet hair removal cold wax, enriched with shea butter and berry aroma. It is suitable for use in both legs and rest of the body and addressed to normal skin type. It is easy to use thanks to specially designed handle, which helps develop better technique of hair removal with an easy motion. Remove even the shortest hairs. Thanks to its strong hold formula technology offer more effective hair removal that lasts up to four weeks.

The pack contains 20 films ready for use by adding antioxidants and 4 moisturizing wipes with vitamin E, suitable for removing any residue after waxing.


Rub strips between your hands to warm the wax.
Open them in the middle using a specific round handle.
Apply the tape to the direction of hair grow and press several times for better fit.
Pull the tape from the opposite direction of hair grow, keeping your skin taut. The sooner it is pulling, the more effective hair removal.

For best results, take a little talcum or baby powder on your skin before waxing to be perfectly dry. You can reuse each strip until no longer sticky.

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